Reading Gracelyn Smallwood

10 Jul

10 July 2016 Today I’m reading Indigenist Critical Realism: Human Rights and First Australians’ well-being. It is relevant in a thousand ways to my thesis, which is an exploration of Ab…

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About schools decolonised

28 Feb

Schools decolonised is a research project as part of a Doctorate in Public Health. The question my research attempts to answer is How and when do interventions to decolonise education work make edu…

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Advance our Aussie Fare

30 Jan

But Austraya day was always barbies and beer s/he shrieked.Well yeah, for the ones who claimed supremacy that’s right but Aussies with a better class of snag or brew, or those with nothing much at all might just disagree with you. The ones whose old folk built our roads and rail and cut the cane, worked the mines and rounded cattle or were forced on missions and as slaves. The ones who heard the call for country doctors too, from all corners of the globe they came.

They ate olives, stir fry, giros, bagels, wurst, brandied cherries, schnitzel, crocodile, chickpea curry, yabbies, borscht and kangaroo. Now that’s Australia to me.

Don’t get me wrong the mutton chop’s a well loved food and lots of us quaff beer until we’re sick, but jeezus mate,

when you get all Pauline Hanson on us you should realise you’re the one not welcome at this show,

you or your bloody hate.

Group learning

20 Nov

Someone queried recently what the value is of people getting together to study if they are all studying different things. Yet, people do get together either as a group or just by sharing space, such as in a library. While it might just seem like a convenience it can also be motivational to surround yourself with like-intentioned people. The other benefit of group study is that a lot of what we learn and achieve when we study is common ground regardless of the content. We learn to think critically, edit, draft and re-draft, use technology, share with other people, present our work, debate our work, celebrate triumphs and commiserate set-backs, deal with our fears, our imposter syndrome and find ways of coping with feedback – by sharing with people who remind you of all the positive bits you might have missed. The benefit of group study is that even if your course is online or external and you never get to meet your lecturer and fellow students, you can find other people who are studying nearby and take the journey together.